Performance & Tuning

Does your organization need to process data about customers and markets quickly and frequently to respond to new and challenging business conditions? Is the amount of data generated causing bottlenecks? Have your businesses and end-users been demanding more information out of your Data Warehouse than you can currently support? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then Breakthrough’s Data Warehousing (DW) Performance Audit is the right solution for you.

The DW Performance Audit is a carefully crafted program designed to review the effectiveness and efficiency of your data warehouse. The efficiency of the system is determined by analyzing how effectively the underlying products are being utilized. For example, the audit may reveal the following problems:

  • Bottlenecks due to the sheer volume of the data.
  • Inefficient use of ETL product suites.
  • Poor architecture for your reporting and analytical applications.
  • Lack of advanced solutions such as predictive or descriptive data mining.
  • Lack of analytical applications utilizing multi-dimensional structures.

Migrations & Upgrades

Looking to move your current database to another platform? Do you need help migrating your database systems to Linux? Are you moving some legacy database systems to the most recent version of Microsoft Windows? Whatever the operating system or platform, our engineers can help plan and execute the migration.

We also provides migration services to help move you from your current database vendor to another database vendor. Do you need someone to help you move from IBM Informix to IBM DB2 UDB? Are you migrating from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server? Our engineers can work with you through all phases of the migration regardless of the databases involved.

Our staff can handle your data migration, loading and unloading data and transformation of data between database systems or platforms. We can also incorporate vendor-supplied load or migration utilities, third party tools or custom written solutions for you.

Backup and Recovery

The Key to Backup and Recovery is Prevention

Too many organizations don’t focus on their backup and recovery processes and technology until it’s too late. The result? Greater cost, diminished productivity and ultimately loss of end-user and customer confidence.

Many experts agree that the best solution for avoiding downtime and data loss in a production environment is to implement a preventive maintenance strategy before problems occur.

Our consultants can conduct an audit of your system operations to identify potential problems, develop a course of action and implement data security and recovery strategies that fit your business plan.

Database Implementations

We Do This Everyday—Let Us Plan and Install Your Systems

We have experts who plan and install database systems to ensure optimal performance. Let our experts help you.

First we’ll analyze your business needs. That will enable us to properly size and plan what database systems resources your business requires. How your database performs also depends on how often and how well the system is tuned, what kind of workload the application must support and the size and structure of the database. Our engineers can help you make sure the database systems you put in place meet or exceed your needs.

Our engineers will come on site to install, configure and customize your database products to meet your specific business needs.

Virtual DBA

Our remote database administration service provides around-the-clock, multi-platform support. Our service is designed specifically to meet the Informix, IBM DB2 UDB, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server database administration, maintenance, monitoring, management, development, support, and consulting needs of our clients.

You’ll work directly with database professionals who know your platform. Our remote database administration team works as an extension of your staff providing 24/7 support and on-site consultation to deliver complete database performance management. And you’ll still save between 40-60% on your database administration costs.

Let Breakthrough’s remote database administration team handle your database support so that you can focus on your business.